Welcome to YouBeauty!

Welcome to YouBeauty from Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen.
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Welcome to YouBeauty!

Why did two docs (one a surgeon, the other boarded in anesthesiology and internal medicine) start a beauty website?

No shocker here: Folks in this country (and across the globe) aren’t making the healthiest choices. Too many people use a bad diagnosis as a wake-up call. They wait until their health (and quality of life) go down the tubes to do something about it, often because they think doing something about it means avoiding fun. That's as wrong as a three dollar bill.

What's Your YouQ®?

Your YouQ® is a patent-pending system that reflects your inner and outer beauty, measured with our proven quizzes. Nine life factors are proven to affect beauty: nutrition, sleep, mind, relationships, face, hair, skin, health, and body and fitness.
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You First Quiz
Don't know where to start? Get your personal, expert-picked quiz prescription plan!
Body Type Quiz
Get your most strategic fashions, exercises and diet plan based on your true body shape.
Healthy Hair Quiz
Get personalized action steps to help your hair reach its gorgeous potential.
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